The Association for Canadian Studies in Australia and New Zealand (ACSANZ) is a multi-disciplinary organization that recognises and encourages interest in Canadian studies and aims to promote greater understanding of Canada at all educational levels and in all disciplines.  ACSANZ has over 200 members, most of whom are academics and postgraduate students engaged in research and/or teaching about Canada. WHAT ACSANZ DOES

  • Promotes research and teaching of Canadian Studies in Australia and New Zealand
  • Supports, encourages and awards scholarship in Canadian Studies by students and early career academics in Australia and New Zealand
  • Publishes a peer-reviewed scholarly journal – Australasian Canadian Studies – a multi-disciplinary journal of Canadian Studies
  • Convenes events, including the distinctive Federation Dialogues Series (in collaboration with the Canadian High Commission in Canberra), which brings together eminent speakers from Canada, New Zealand, and Australia to discuss issues of interest to these countries in a moderated public dialogue
  • Provides news and information to members about Canadian Studies opportunities and events, including grants, scholarships, conferences and publications
  • Collaborates with other organisations and national associations for Canadian Studies on events, activities and publications

ACSANZ is a member of the International Council for Canadian Studies (ICCS) and receives support from the Government of Canada, through the Canadian High Commissions in Canberra and Wellington. The Government of Canada and the International Council for Canadian Studies (ICCS) also provide a range of grants and awards designed to promote research and teaching in Canadian Studies.


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